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Current Specials

Ashwagandha Powder 100g  R90

Relieves Stress, Improves Energy

Neem Powder 100g R80

Detox, Purifies the blood, Protects skin, has anti-bacterial properties.

Triphala Powder 100g R80

Constipation, Detox

Fenugreek Powder 100g R80

Promotes lactation, helps Mentrual discomfort & with Kidney trouble 

Shatavari Powder 100g R 70

Promotes Female Libido & general tonic & hormone balancer.

Ashwagandha Capsules R90

Relieves Stress, Improves Energy

Garcinia Capsules R90

Promotes Weight Loss, relieves flatulence, Anti-inflammatorty, Anti-allegenic, boosts Immunity

Moringa Capsules R 70

Improves Bone Health, Helps with Hypertension, Diabetes,  Anti-bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory

Garlic Capsules R80

Controls Cholesterol, Boosts Immune System

Bacopa Capsules  R90

Stimulates mind, improves concentration & cognitive ability. 

Tumeric Capsules R80

Helps with Arthritis & helps prevent joint  inflammation. Natural Anti-Septic
Bitter Melon 60’s –  Also known as Karela R90
Lowers bad cholesterol, helps in weight loss, promotes healthy hair & skin

Kalonji Caps R90

Helps lower cholesterol. Anti-Bacterial, Protects liver.

Neem Caps R90


Detox, Purifies the blood, Protects skin, has anti-bacterial properties.

Tulsi / Holy Basil Caps R90

Cardiac Tonic. Treatment of asthma, respitaroy disorder, Colds & Coughs.

Ginger Caps R80

Helps digestive problems & nausea and common cold. Natural pain relief.

Shilajit Caps R110

Boosts Vitality & cleanses kidneys

Triphala Caps R90

Relieves Constipation & provides detox

Neem Oil 100ml R120

Moringa Oil  R120

out of Stock

Flaxseed Oil R120

out of stock

Kalonji Oil R 120

These Statements have not been evaluated by any medical authority. Stated benefits mentionaed are from on-line research. Please Consult your doctor before taking these supplements or products –  Especially for pregnant women or chronic patients. On Line Purchases & Delivery visit  
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