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For one annual payment of R 1000 , FinditFast will market your business on these channels

1. Mobile Shopping Guide

2. Radio adverts Promoting the Shopping Guide – where your ads are.

3. Web Directory 

4. DIY E-Business Card & E-Flyer

Details of each Channel detailed below

Find Almost Anything on this system

Almost 100 product & service Categories…We will add your specific category if it’s not already there.

View the Mobi Shopper here > Go to Classifieds to see the categories.


Mobile Shopping Guide

A Virtual Showroom

The Mobile Phone is the most powerful Marketing Channel. Customer access it for Free by simply sending a WhatsApp Message to  079 059 6255

Automatic Response System

MegaZone Radio

Multiple Daily Adverts about FinditFast – Inviting listeners to find products & services on this portal.

Hundreds of Thousands of listeners daily.  

Business Directory

With your current product List Attached. 

E-Business Card / E- Flyer

A customised Link that serves as your Business Profile and Product List. With built in Instant Whatsapp Chat & email enquiry form,

Simply Share it yourself via SMS/ WhatsApp/ Social Media etc.

view an example here


1.  Images must be supplied.

2. Max 6 images will be loaded,

3. Payable upfront for the entire year.

4. Number of listings per category at this special price will be limited.

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