25 on Bath is under construction:

Here is what to expect directly from Krige Design Studio Architects

25 Bath Avenue is situated on Bolton Road, a vibrant street, in Rosebank. The site is within close proximity to Rosebank Mall and Gautrain Station making this an ideal location for office space.

The main aim of the 25 on Bath project is to revitalise a vacant and slightly derelict existing building that does not quite add to the Rosebank framework. Our proposed renovation and interior refurbishment will therefore aim to do this ideal location justice by re-energising the character of this ideal and exquisite building.

The building previously functioned within a multi-tenant framework, with its  ‘doughnut’ shape, which restricted not only the entire functioning of the building but also the means in which circulation occurred. Tenants had to circulate within closed, set corridors in order to get to office spaces, with a courtyard space in the centre of the building completely unutilised.

The new and exciting layout incorporated the courtyard space into a closed atrium. This area will now function as main circulation space with the addition of a feature staircase allowing for direct access to all areas for multitenancy.

A new floor will be added to the top of the building that accommodates for additional office space and an exterior social space.

The interior of the building will be completely stripped of all existing finishes, allowing materials to be presented in true form and shape with exposed brick, concrete and services – bringing about a modern and fresh feel to the office space.